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Karen Burgess
Box 1333
Port Hardy, BC
V0N 2P0
March 8, 1992

Dear Madam/Sir:

I have been asked by Ricardo Serrano to convey to you my experiences with him in his local acupuncture practice.

I first consulted Mr. Serrano after having been told by a medical doctor in Victoria that I quite likely was exhibiting symptoms of multiple sclerosis. I was told that there was no cure and no way of diagnosing the condition except by monitoring the symptoms over months or even years. Shortly thereafter I saw a neurologist who neither confirmed nor denied this diagnosis.

Needless to say I returned to Port Hardy panick stricken, my symptoms of numbness, tingling, sore joints and muscles, stiff muscles and general fatigue increasing with a vengeance. In desperation I made an appointment with Ricardo, whom I had never before consulted. I told him my story to which he was quick to point out the power of the mind in either assisting or deterring the healing process. He then asked for a detailed medical history and asked questions concerning my lifestyle.

During the next two hours, he explained about detoxifying the system, while at the same time building up the body's own immunity. He also prescribed a restrictive diet, suggested special herbs and nutritional supplements, performed acupuncture and introduced me to a type of yoga meditation. I left feeling hopeful.

After that I saw Ricardo every four to six weeks for approximately five or six visits. During each visit we discussed whole food nutrition, exercise and meditation. His aim was, he said, to treat the whole person, body, mind and spirit. He always performed acupuncture and sometimes reflexology. Slowly my symptoms subsided until now, one year later. I am symptom free and in excellent health.

Through this experience I have come to understand the importance of taking responsibility for my own and family's health, something which until then I had taken for granted. I feel that Mr. Serrano has given me the tools to do this.

I will always be extremely grateful to Mr. Serrano for encouraging and guiding me through my personal crisis. I am sorry to hear that he is leaving Port Hardy and wish him every success in furthering his education.

Yours truly,

Karen Burgess


I attended the four-day "Melchizedek Method" workshop in Melbourne in July. Since doing the workshop my life has changed completely. With the help of the 13:20:33 Hologram of Love I am finding that healings (when in accordance with the being's soul plan) are instantaneous and miraculous.

In my own personal life, everything I have ever wanted has manifested! Using the Melchizedek Holographic Manifesting Technique I manifested my engagement to my partner after several anxious years of patience, a baby is on the way, we have have just purchased (my dream) the perfect country property, my animal healing practice is flourishing and our application for registration of our animal healing group, the Holistic Animal Therapy Association of Australia has finally been approved and is a reality (another dream or soul urge).

There was still one thing missing though. My partner and I required two good, reliable cars for our move to the counrty. So I bought a ticket in a raffle and on the morning of the draw did the Melchizedek manifesting meditation and also visualized the winning ticket being drawn at 6pm and at precisely 6:05 I received a call to say I had won. The prize is cars to the value of $52,000 which is exactly what was needed.

So all I can say is that I feel incredible joy and gratitude for life and for the assistance of Alton in teaching this Melchizedek method and also for having the wonderful love and support of all the Ascended Masters. I trust that my joy and belief in this great love is contageous and will encourage others to help create our heaven on earth!

On closing, I would like to add that my experience I have found that the method is so simple and powerful that almost just the intention is sufficient although I always say "13:20:33 Triple Merkaba activate FSL" as well.

Kathleen Griffin

Victoria, Australia

"Holographic healing with Unconditional Love is a powerful medium that is the way of the future. The techniques in the Melchizedek Method are unique and unlike any other. My wife cured herself of breast cancer in 2 days using the Melchizedek Method Holographic healing techniques."

Alton Kamadon, Australia

My Melchizedek Method spiritual teacher

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