Ministering Angel (above)

The Body Elemental

Your body elemental lives within your etheric body. However, it is responsible for all functions of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well.

The Body Elemental, working in conjunction with your Christ Self, is responsible for consciously carrying the Ray of Light of the vital force from your I AM PRESENCE down through the Gold Cord and distributing from the base of the brain tiny threads of Light to every cell in the body. This helps the body to function properly in the physical realm in your everyday life experience to fulfill the greater life purpose in the outer world. The function of the body is regulated by the Christ Self and Body Elemental. They are responsible for the continuation of your emotional and mental wellbeing and the increase of spiritual wisdom by also working with the Ministering Angel who addresses the higher bodies.

Since the Body Elemental works very closely with the Christ Self, it is instrumental in aiding in your self-healing process. This little servant knows the blueprint of your atomic/molecular structure right down to the DNA/RNA cellular level because the Body Elemental helped create your very physical body to house the soul. This one knows exactly where the trauma and the memories have been stored and holds the roadmap to pinpoint the locations that contain the problems. Thus, it knows how to retrieve the information and release the 'know-how' has to how to best facilitate self healing or healing for others. These precious little helpers maybe called upon in healing practices to help practitioners monitor the client's progress on more subtle levels, primarily to distinguish the problem within.

The Body Elemental maybe summoned forth to help in all healing modalities, especially in vibrational medicine and science. They are helping to build new electrons of the Light within your physical body to accelerate the Light body activation under the direction of Lord Metatron.

Before any healing work, it would be beneficial to call forward the Body Elemental of yourself or your client through your God and Christ Selves as you are calling upon the healing Light rays of the beloved Masters. Call them forward to give their permission. Remember they are there to serve you.

These blessed nature spirits can be contacted on the inner realms through meditation. Each one has an individual name and personality, as you do, in which they will relate to you when your trust is won. They can be of either male or female gender and may range from a tiny height of less than an inch to a height of three feet etherically, and up to twelve feet on rare occassions.

Your Body Elemental can become a source of amusement for you when you take the time to befriend them. They will teach you laughter and joy, and may at times become a little mischievous, but always in the Light.

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The Melchizedek Method
Facilitated by
Yogi Sharanananda
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Surrender to God
by Yogi Sharanananda

How would one speed up their sadhana (spiritual practice) in combination with practicing the Unity Merkabah meditation or other meditation techniques? How would holographic healing using Unity Merkabah Healing or other spiritual healing techniques become more effective, powerful and productive of miraculous results?

According to my Siddha Guru, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, there is a way to do this. The following is an excerpt from one of her discourses:

"Sadhana is the process of gradually chipping away all our false ideas and wrong concepts. Such things limit our perception and experience of the world, other people, and ourselves. The Truth is intuitively obvious once the mind is cleared of all debris. The Truth arises from within, not from without. No one else has to confirm that the Truth is true. The Truth is beyond "anyone else." The Truth is final, it is limitless, and it is absolute.

In the Bible it is said: Not my will, Father, but thine, be done. This is very significant. The heart of Siddha Yoga is learning to live from this perspective all the time. The "Father" is within us. His will is divine will, perfect will. In contrast we have our own self-will, the will of the ego, the pull of the samskaras (subconscious habits).

It is not blind fatalism to turn our lives over to the Father within. It is an illumined realization. Christ said: I can of myself do nothing; the Father within me, He doeth the works.

The will of the individual is usually associated with creating something which does not now exist, eliminating something which does not now exist, or changing something from the way it already is. This is self-will - the ego asserting itself.

Most of us feel that in order to be what we truly are, we must somehow aquire the capacity to be in some future time. We feel I am not now, but I will be. At least I certainly hope to be.

When we fail to realize that our inner Consciousness is the "Father" which does all works, we attempt to express that which we are not. A Western mystic said, Unless I am conscious of being that which I seek, I will not find it. God's will is the recognition of that which is, not of that which will be. Instead of saying Thy will be done, we could see it as Thy will is done. The works are finished.

The principle by which all things are made visible is eternal. In our formless awareness lies infinite potential. The recognition of this truth transforms us - from one who tries to make it so, to one who recognizes it to be so. Our claim that we are now that which we want to be removes the veil of darkness and reveals our claim perfectly: I AM That!

Gurumayi does not tell us to affirm I will be the Self. I will be Consciousness. I will be perfect and pure. She tells us to know: I am the Self. I am Consciousness. I am perfect and pure." SYCC (Siddha Yoga Correspondence Course) Vol. 4 Lesson 2

This is the reason why my yogi name is Sharanananda as given to me by Lord Sananda. Sharana means surrender. Ananda means joy. Sharanananda= Sharana + Ananda = Who has got the Bliss by surrendering to God.

Chant my yogi name "Sharanananda" silently as you practice your Unity merkaba meditation or other meditation techniques to remind yourself to surrender to God within you to attain a blissful state or heal spiritually yourself or another person.

Ask for your body elemental, higher Self and I AM presence to assist in facilitating this healing and meditation.

And chant "Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai 'Tsebayoth". This mantra enables the body to experience the direct energy of the Masters of Light serving YHWH (God) and experience true divine love in one cosmic rhythm. The human heart beat, a biological clock, is set to the vibration of "Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai 'Tsebayoth!" ("Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts!").

May God bless you with good health and peace of mind.

All in One Love,

Yogi Sharanananda
Kamadon Master


"The multidimensional Vehicle of Light is "propelled"
by the Love of God through the Language of Light."
Krzysztof Zurek

The Sacred Name of God in Hebrew which corresponds with YHWH

"The Hologram of Love is the ever continuous pattern of God's Mind and Thought.
Because God only thinks and manifests in Unconditional Love.

The Orbital Hologram of Love Merkaba Meditation accesses
the Unified Field of Cosmic Consciousness Through Galactic Timing of the Universe."

Unified field of cosmic consciousness at the galactic core in the center of the universe

"One can become enlightened if one questions one's thoughts and
realizes that uninvestigated thoughts and beliefs cause one's suffering."

- Yogi Sharanananda

"God is an ecstatic state of unconditional Love, luminous Light
and ever-expanding sea of Qi energy and universal consciousness
as experienced and described by yogis and masters
in all spiritual traditions."
Yogi Sharanananda

"Darshan is an experience of overwhelming love, joy and happiness
by opening one's heart to God's vibration of unconditional Love
through a Melchizedekian Master."
Yogi Sharanananda

"With compassion, one can love unconditionally
With unconditional love, one can heal boundlessly
With boundless energy, one can ascend spiritually."
- Yogi Sharanananda

"Ascension is achievable when you unify through your heart center
all your chakras into one and balance the threefold flame within
your heart where God is through the Universal Omni-Merkabah
of Love of Multiple Lightbodies activation."
- Yogi Sharanananda

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