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The Causes and Available Therapies

by Luc De Schepper, MD, PhD, LAc

Capital [E]veryday I read articles about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or as it has been called lately, Chronic Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. They all have one aspect in common: they evoke more problems than solutions. In fact they create fear in the reader, despair in the sufferer and disbelief in the health practitioner.

As a physician caring for CIDS patients for more than fifteen years, I have seen firsthand the devastation this illness can cause. And yet, publicly, patients are subject to ridicule. The medical profession has paced the burden on patients, who must react to this ridicule and attempt to educate the very practitioners whose job it is to help them. On the other hand, a smaller group of physicians finally realize that something of epidemic proportions is going on, and experience frustration at their inability to help these sufferers.

Personally, I am disappointed that these well-meaning physicians are making the usual mistake: they are looking for a single culprit. They concentrate on viruses, and every six months discover another one that is THE likely cause of CIDS: Epstein-Barr Virus, Cytomegalo Virus, Human Herpes 6 Virus, HIV Virus, etc. Once the REAL virus is isolated, those researchers concentrate on finding THE antiviral agent and believe the problem to be resolved. Wrong. This is exactly what Western medicine has been doing with cancer. In spite of a billion dollar research, 600,000 people die each year from cancer in the United States. Now they are making the same mistake with this new syndrome. Immuno-suppressed disorders have no single known cause, so the dream of a single cure for them is just that, only a dream.

Let me quickly come to the facts: the starting point of this catastropic illness is the suppression of the immune system. If we are to find solutions and cures, it will only be in the study of the causes of a depressed immune system. I will outline the causes here, not in detail, but elaborated enough to show what a formidable task we have ahead. They are fourfold: Hereditary Factors, Changes in Food, External Factors, and Emotions.

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Prepared by Ricardo B. Serrano, DAc, MH, ADS, February 12, 1998
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